About this Site

This site was started after the 2003 season and has essentially maintained the same formula to rank teams since that time. All rankings are retrodictive, meaning they are based on the outcomes of games already played. There are no preseason values or weights used and the ability to predict future game outcomes should not be implied from the rankings. What sets Junky's Rankings apart is its comparative analysis of how teams have played. Many ranking sites simply look at wins, losses, and strength of schedule (however defined). Some even rank teams based on conference strength, which I believe is a very poor measuring stick. There are poor, mediocre, good, and very good teams. Perhaps one conference has a higher percentage of the good and very good teams than another conference, but the bad and mediocre teams in that conference should not get an undeserved boost simply by belonging to that conference.

The algorithm I use attempts to keep any one measuring factor from overly influencing a team's overall ranking. This often happens when rankings put too much weight on strength of schedule. Just because a team plays a difficult schedule, it does not mean they are better than another team who plays a weaker schedule. However, strength of schedule is very useful if there is a way to compare how other teams would fare against a similar schedule.

Comparing how other teams played against the same schedule is one component of my rankings. Of course, not all teams play each other in college football, so this alone does not provide enough data for comparison. Strength of schedule, wins and losses, and game location are also included in the equation. Taking all of these values together, each team is given an initial score which essentially puts all teams in the same "conference." Each team is then scored again based on whether they defeated or lost to very good, average, or poor teams. You can visit my Explanation of Values page to get more details on how teams are scored and ranked using my formula.

I would like to acknowledge the work performed by the individuals operating the websites below, from which I have gathered game data to rank teams previous to the 2004 season.

James Howell's Historical College Football Scores
College Football Data Warehouse

Additionally, I would like to thank David Wilson for his compilation of college football related information, websites, and links, which I have found very informative and useful: American College Football (RSFC).

Junky's College Football Rankings are included in Kenneth Massey's College Football Ranking Comparison (I do not submit my rankings to his comparison site any sooner than the 3rd or 4th week of the current season).

This site is owned and operated by Enoch C. Heileson.